Evolution Coaching

Career Coaching, Transition Coaching, Financial Coaching, Leadership-Executive Coaching & Small Business Coaching

Our lives can get stuck. Our job isn't satisfying. We're not effecting the change we want. We're not sure what to do.

Alternatives await! It's time to evolve! Time for: A life with more purpose. A job with more meaning. A more authentic, effective way of leading. A transition into our deeper selves.

What It Is

As a coach, I help you get in touch with your inner guidance. So you can evolve your life, your career and yourself.

I ask questions and facilitate exercises, wherein you will find alternatives to your current situation.

Coaching assumes you are at a point in your life where you want to transform and ready to work on it.

Why Coaching

We use advisors, mentors and consultants of all shapes and sizes: We might hire a tax professional to assist us with our taxes. Or a psychotherapist to help us through a difficult emotional time.

So why not hire someone to help with some of the things that matter most: Your satisfaction. Your career. Your ability to effect change. Your life transitions.

Coaching fills gaps between advisors we are already familiar with: The nuts and bolts service of a tax professional. Or the private, personal work with psychotherapist.

And though, advice from our friends and family can be invaluable, it's often not whole or unbiased enough to help us make the decisions that best serve our deepest desires. Coaching fills that gap as well.

We deserve helpful, professional guidance in all the important parts of our lives!

A "General Contractor" Approach

Think of me as a general contractor, like you would hire to remodel your house: They oversee the project. They do some of the specialized work, like framing or drywall. They suggest specialized sub-contractors, like plumbing or electrical. And they see the remodel through to completion.

As your evolution "general contractor", I'll help you see the big picture. I'll help you stay focused and moving forward. I'll work with you in my specialized areas of expertise (see below). But often I'll recommend you hire a "sub-contractor": I might suggest you work with a financial planner. Or consider seeing a psychotherapist. Or hire with a marketing specialist.

And most importantly, I'll help you see your current "remodel" through to completion.

What Coaching Is Not

A coach is not a psychotherapist and does not treat patient's psychological issues. In our coaching sessions, we talk about all kinds of things, but we steer clear of going too deeply into what would be better served in professional psychotherapy.

Coaching is not about "fixing" you or "making" you do anything. In other words, this process is motivated by you, because you are ready to create change in your life.

Also, I do the coaching specialties above, but I don't specialize in life coaching, relationship coaching or weight-loss coaching.

Evolution Coaching

The essence of my role in your coaching sessions:

Facilitator: I help you facilitate your process: Where are you now? Where do you want to go? What's in your way? And how do you move forward?

Re-framer: Do you have stories about why you can't do something? Or how someone is in your way? Or why you are undeserving? I'll help you reframe your stories. So you can allow for alternatives to emerge.

Focuser: Are you having trouble seeing the forest from the trees? Or running into trees while daydreaming about the forest? I'll assist you in focusing where you need to: On the big picture. The small details. And the middle ground.

Illuminator: It's hard to see our blind spots. I help you uncover them. So you can navigate forward in full view of your path.

Balancer: Sometimes you might need a direct "push". And sometimes you might need to be gently nurtured. I'll help you pay attention to the things you need to feel balanced. So you can evolve.

Supporter: At the essence of Evolution Coaching, I support you in your journey of evolution. We all need people to encourage us, to have our backs, and to care about our success.

In addition to the essence of Evolution Coaching, we focus on any of these areas: